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​Managed Services

My IT Solutions offers its clients the convenience of monthly managed services or hourly support, both onsite and remotely.  All of our services are scalable to your business size or needs.  With or without onsite IT in your company you can use our services to best leverage your business. By using My IT Solutions to outsource IT needs you will save money time and peace of mind. With our My IT+ Hours bonus program all Managed customers no longer worry about added costs or unexpected fees. At the end of the day it is our goal to help your business run efficiently and relieve the stress and frustration of IT.  Our ability to streamline IT support with your business needs will give you all the tools and confidence you will need to grow your company today and in-to tomorrow.






My IT+ Hours

Our years of experience in IT have found many companies often are left disappointed at the end of each month with their current support. Unwanted costs and monthly overages show up on billings even though they thought they were covered. At My IT Solutions we avoid this issue with our My IT+ program. We provide bonus hours each month based on your package to cover any unforeseen costs or unexpected issues. If your My IT+ Hours do not get used as your monthly IT needs are going as planned, we will bank those hours for you. Allowing you access to your My IT+ Hours whenever you need them most.






By the Hour

If you find yourself with a heavy reliance on IT be assurance you have a partner in the business world. By using the hourly-managed packages you can simply choose how much IT you want each month while receiving price breaks and bonus service hours. Our My IT+ Hours are built in with each level of block pricing which guarantees you will never get stuck with overage charges or unexpected fees. Having a set amount of IT service hours each month allows the customer to drive IT focus and ensure all needs are met. It also allows customers to get the most out of their dollars, being able to track used hours every month. We have found this method best fits larger companies.






By the User

If you find you need comfortable IT support with a set it and forget it mentality allowing you to focus on what matters most with your business this is the package for you. Our by the user pricing platform provides the same price discounts and perks as our other plans but allows for a consistent cost platform for all systems on site. We give you an industry wide competitive monthly price on each device you designate needs support on site/network. Pricing is staggered on systems, advanced systems and server scale with higher discounts for more systems covered. This gives you unlimited support each month for all your needs. My IT+ Hours are built into our packages based on the amount of users per plan, allowing coverage on anything outside of the scope of the plan. We have found this plan best fits our smaller customers.






By the Service

We have found some companies need a lot of IT support and some companies only need a little. This is why we offer by the service-managed plans. These allow customers to pick which of our remote and managed services they would like and pay on a per service pricing plan. This is ideal for companies with existing IT who need help with daily services and support or companies who only need certain support. We provide numerous remote management and consultation services as well support/troubleshooting for Admin Roles Users. Do not feel you need to leave yourself in the dark with your IT, find a fit for all your needs with our by the service plans. 


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